The Zpacks hexamid is a single person DCF (cuben fiber) ten coming in at a ultralight 15.1oz (weighed on my scale) including guy lines and the option DCF bathtub floor. Setup require 8 steaks and a single trekking pole (or available tent pole from zpacks). It is a side entry, single vestibule shelter. The following are my impressions after spending my first night in the tent, watch for a longer term review after I’ve been able to pack on some more nights and varying weather conditions.

I’m around 5’10” and found there to be plenty of room to sit up and comfortable lay down with out touching walls on any of the possible three sides. It’s by no means a roomy tent after all it is designed for a single person, but i never felt overly cramped when inside.

My hexamid w/ optional bathtub floor and guy lines came out to 15.1oz. For a fully enclosed tent that’s probably about as good as you can get. This is my first encounter with a DCF shelter, so my worries would be the need for being overly delicate to the tent, but from my few pitches in backyard and one trip it has been on I do not see much worry in needing to be more careful than you would be with any ultralight gear.

This is my one worry. I chose the hexamid over soloplex because of the single pole set up and do not regret it yet. The hexamid is basically a tarp with bug netting sewn on, so with out a ground sheet your point of contact with ground will be bug netting and not the bathtub floor. The longevity of this part of the tent is what worries along with the likely impossible task of keeping the netting somewhat clean on bottom. Will probably end up taking a groundsheet for now on, or when inclement weather is likely to try and keep it from getting overly nasty on bottom.

It is a pretty straight forward set up after watching the instructional videos created by Zpacks and giving a few practice attempts in. not much to say here other than once you figure out the process it is quick and painless.

My only night in this was in ideal conditions 50ish degrees at night and low humidity. I noticed no condensation, but was able to keep both storm doors rolled back and had nice airflow coming in.

product page: Zpacks Hexamid Solo