The following are a few parts of my gear system from my test hike with a entirely new UL kit that did "not" work out well for me. Here are the reasons why, and also a contributing factor that may have had influenced it.

Z-Lite Sol
Close Cell Foam sleeping pad cut down to 6 panels. I'm a side sleeper and it seemed my hip bone would be in crazy pain every couple hours making me swap sides. Not entirely sure if this is something I can adjust to, or if going back to an air mattress is going to be my only option. Training myself to sleep on my back is also an option, but at my current base weight I'm not sure if it worth the aggravation. Will give it another attempt, but bring an air mattress for backup just in case.

Nemo Fillo Elite
Another piece of my sleep system that did not seem to cut it, though this problem could be a side effect of my tossing and turning due to hip pain. Its quite small and leaves very little room for adjustment once you are on, this coupled with my tossing from hip pain on the Z-Lite made the pillow unusable. Will also give this another go, but may need to go with a larger footprint pillow in future.