This will be an initial impressions look at the 40l Pa'lante Simple Pack. I had the chance to take it out for its first trip a couple weeks ago on the Waterloo-Pickney Trail (portage lake to the pines campground) for a total of around 11ish miles one way.

A couple things to note. This pack is from either first or second run when Andy and John were making them all in house. They have since outsourced the production to help keep up with demand. I can not speak to quality of new runs, and wont make any assumptions on them. I'm also no expert, these are just my unbiased thoughts on the pack.

I found the pack with a 6-7lbs base weight to be extremely comfortable. with that low of a BW though, id assume most packs would have little problem. For my body the straps caused no rubbing issues, or feeling of being to tight. There is sufficient padding for my liking as well. I am a sweaty guy though and lack of any back ventilation can be unpleasant if i don't take pack off, or let it ride on only one shoulder for a bit every now and again to air things out. This is not a problem of the pack by any means, just and observation or something to note if it seems to be something that would be super annoying for you.

As i mentioned earlier this pack is from one of first runs and made in-house by Pa’lante team. all stitching is clean and well done. Nothing appears messy to my untrained eye. The seams are not taped, this has been mentioned by plenty of other people as a possible durability issue.

I have the 40l version and find it to be more than adequate for the gear in my possession. According to site 40l is 32l main compartment capacity and 8l in external pockets. I could probably have even went with the 35, but extra space is nice just in case. For anyone in the under 10lbs BW range this should be more than enough space for gear.

notable features:
The shoulder pockets - I love these little things. Big enough to stick my iPhone 7 in w/ a case easily, and stuff other random goodies in other (hand sanitizer, flashlight, glasses, etc).
Fancy Bottom Pocket - It is a nice feature, I think of it as making up for not having a hip belt with pockets. Can fit plenty of snacks in there and the small wrapper hole on opposite end of opening makes for easy trash storage. I found myself checking it regularly to make sure nothing was falling out, but I also did not have a ton in there (couple bars and bag of trail mix). On longer trips where you will need access to more food to fuel for longer days I don't think the worry of slipping out would not be as great. Nothing slid out with the few things I had stuffed in there to be fair, it was just a regular worry (not rational) of things possibly sliding out.

Overall for its 11ish mile maiden voyage I found pack to be comfortable, convenient, and most of all simple. I plan on continuing to use this as my main pack for the foreseeable future (or until they come out with a v2).

product page: pa'lante simple pack