The Enlightened Equipment Revelation is a down filled camping/backpacking quilt with many options for customization. The one I will be discussing is a 20 degree version size regular with 950fp and coming in at an ultralight 17.9 ounces. The foot-box is closed with a zipper and draw-cord allowing it to open up completely.

what you get:
My quilt came with a storage bag and a compression bag. It's nice that it came with a larger bag that wont compress the down when stored at home, and those of you that choose to use compression sacks will appreciate one is included with your purchase.

will it keep me warm:
The nights I've used it so far have been in lower 50s and upper 40s, so well above the "will survive" rating of 20 degrees. I found it to be extremely toasty early in night before temps really fell, and would recommend probably going a bit up the scale if those are your normal backpacking night time temps. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak out a couple more times before winter decides to roll in and get a better idea of how it performs in lower temps (30s-40s).

This is my first quilt, and my main draw towards it was the thought it would be a bit easier to deal with since I am a side sleeper. Turns out my assumptions were correct. It can get pretty rowdy in my sleeping quarters (I'm not a very stationary sleeper) and I found it significantly more pleasurable and easy to adjusted when in the quilt rather than a traditional mummy (I usually get so twisted up in these I rarely sleep well).

quality & durability:
I went with the standard 10d nylon and find it acceptably comfortable. It feels thin and like most UL gear will need to pay some attention to how to pack, handle and store it, but ultimately I feel it will be more than sufficient in the "durability" department. From my untrained eye everything appears to be well crafted and ready for consumer use.

This is my first quilt and it has made me a believer in the movement. The flexibility of being able to stick a leg out, open the bottom of foot-box, or completely open the quilt like a blanket are unquestionable advantages over mummy bags for 3-season backpacking/camping. If you a winter camp or mountaineer in extreme conditions I doubt a quilt will be right choice over a mummy that prevents drafts and locks in heat that is much needed in those situations. For the rest of us I see no reason to lug around the extra weight in normal conditions and will be further experimenting with quilts in my future.

product page: Enlightened Equipment Revelation