Cooking while backpacking is something that can be achieved in many different ways from not cooking at all to bringing large hefty all in one systems like a JetBoil. I choose to go for a more minimalist system thats reliable and easy to use.

To be fair this is completely based around freezer bag cooking (boiling water and pouring into a ziplock freezer bag with food to rehydrate). Which means capacity and overall size of what I actually need is not very large.

Toaks Ti 550ml
Toaks 550ml Ti Pot
It's small, light and sturdy. I've replaced the lid with a carbon fiber one (I can't for life of me remember by why) to cut a little more weight off. The smaller capacity (550ml/~2.3c) is plenty to prepare any of the single serving meals I am likely to hydrate on trail.

Snowpeak LiteMax Ti
Snowpeak LiteMax Ti Stove
Straight to point light, reliable, and no bells or whistles. This canister stove will boil the aforementioned 2 cups of water in a few minutes every time (3 season people. I don't know what happens outside in the winter). The arms slide out from closed position and pot stands flip out allowing for much larger pots/mugs than the 550ml one I use, making this usable for more than a single person.

mini bic
What can I say. It makes fire reliably and lasts longer than one would expect for being tiny sized.

GG Warm Sak I also store all of this in a Gossamer Gear warm sak currently. I have the older version that only came in one size. It is a bit to large for my kit and may end up grabbing one of newer ones, or just a regular DCF stuff sack that will fit my pot.

This kit works well and clocks in at 5.5oz (sans warm cozy). At the moment there is not anything other than replacing the GG sack that I plan on changing.

Links to mentioned gear:
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Toaks 550ml Titanium Pot
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